“Gave me confidence and strength.”

Dr. Kimball is a soft-spoken, knowledgeable consultant who gave me confidence and strength in the time I had so many problems with my health that I was totally absent from the practice. The office got more efficient ($$$) as Kimball Consulting has a sharp eye to identify the problem areas before the problems “attack” you. 

Keyla Springe, DDS  /  Paso Robles, CA


“Instrumental in the success of our practice.”

Kimball Consulting has been instrumental in the success of our practice. Since we’ve been working with Bill and his team, our office has grown in so many ways. They have opened our eyes to simple yet effective ways to present cases to our patients. We’ve also established common goals and we have lots of fun striving to achieve them. We always look forward to learning from the Kimball team.

Jon Vongschanphen, DDS  /  Dixon, CA

"Thank you so much for your help in Maryjune’s practice. It’s going so well, she’s happier, she works less, made more money, no stress, no greys – just a large part of that is due to your leadership so I wanted to thank you."

Phil Denny, MD, husband of Mary June Denny, DDS  /  Santa Barbara, CA


“Optimistic style and practical approach.”

Having had the opportunity and privilege of working with Bill over the past few years, I have found his optimistic style and practical approach to be a breath of fresh air. What impresses me most is his professionalism, ethics, and emphasis on quality of care.

Richard Healy, DDS  /  Santa Maria, CA

“I couldn’t be happier”

After firing my last two consultants because I did not see any change in my dentistry or my practice, I am pleased to say that now I couldn’t be happier with the direction of my office since working with Kimball Consulting. Our case presentation is so much better and we have had better production since working with the Kimball team. In addition, our patient wait time has gone from 1-1/2 hours to almost none and my stress is so much less. I’m doing much better dentistry and we have a better office and improved techniques. Now I genuinely feel my patients have the best and we are now doing exactly what we said we would.

Michael Wadden, DDS  /  Cameron Park, CA